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MENG : SS018

1:35 Israeli NAMER Heavy Armoured Personnel Carrier - MENG

1:35 Israeli NAMER Heavy Armoured Personnel Carrier - MENG

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Namer (means "leopard" and also a syllabic abbreviation of "Nagmash" (APC) and "Merkava", is an Israeli armoured personnel carrier based on a Merkava Mark IV tank chassis. Namer was developed by and is being assembled by the Israeli Ordnance Corps. It has entered service in limited numbers with the Israel Defense Forces since the end of 2008. However, as of 2014, still only very limited numbers of Namers were in service with the IDF. Due to budgetary constraints, the introduction of the Namer into the IDF has been slow, leaving the ground forces dependent on the M113 for many years to come. They are more heavily armored than the Merkava IV tanks. According to the IDF, the Namer is the most heavily armored vehicle in the world of any type.


  • Can be built as a Namer heavy APC late version, or command version or a version with the trophy active protection system.
  • All hatches are movable.
  • Clear lights and periscope parts are included.
  • The folding stretcher is designed by digital sculpting.
  • Photo etched parts included.
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