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AFV CLUB : 35309

1:35 IDF M60A1 Magach 6B - AFV CLUB

1:35 IDF M60A1 Magach 6B - AFV CLUB

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Magach (Hebrew: "battering-ram") is the designation of a series of tanks in Israeli service. The tanks are based on the American M48 and M60 Patton tanks. The name continued to be used for all Patton tanks, including the M60. Magach 1, 2, 3. 4 and 5 are based on M48 series tanks where as Magach 6 and 7 are based on M60 series tanks. 


  • Blazer era modules.
  • Urdan cupola.
  • IMI 60mm mortar.
  • Loader's machine gun swivel arm and mount
  • Detailed interior of driver's compartment.
  • Accurately reproduced chassis and suspension systems.
  • Casting parts and welding lines represented as real.
  • Highly represented engine deck area which can be built in opening condition.
  • Brand new metal M68 gun barrel with rifling.
  • Highly reproduced recoil cylinder system.
  • Clear periscope vision blocks provided.
  • Detailed photo- etched parts.
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