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ITALERI : 6271

1:35 GMC 2 ½ Ton. 6x6 Truck - ITALERI

1:35 GMC 2 ½ Ton. 6x6 Truck - ITALERI

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The GMC 2 ½ ton truck was built in an exceptionally high number of units and can be considered the backbone of the logistical operations of the U.S. Army during World War II. Characterized by a very robust and reliable structure, its strength lay in its excellent off-road performance, thanks to its six-wheel drive and effective suspension design. It was produced in numerous variations, including the more common "cargo" versions with open or closed cabins, "long wheelbase," and "short wheelbase." Additionally, various configurations, some developed directly in the field, were tailored for more specific and precise purposes. Its role was crucial in meeting the demanding logistical needs following the initial stages of the Normandy landings, involving the transportation and handling of substantial quantities of troops and materials.


  • Length: 190mm
  • Decal for three versions
  • Colour instruction sheet
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