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AFV CLUB : 35170

1:35 German military Truck Bussing Nag L4500S - AFV CLUB

1:35 German military Truck Bussing Nag L4500S - AFV CLUB

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Bussing AG was a German bus and truck manufacturer, established in 1903 by Heinrich Bussing (1843–1929) in Braunschweig. It quickly evolved to one of the largest European producers, whose utility vehicles with the Brunswick Lion emblem were widely distributed, especially from the 1930s onwards. The company was taken over by MAN AG in 1971. The Bussing-NAG type L4500 S was the successor model of the Bussing-NAG type 500 S. Outwardly, it looked different, but it was based on the same technology. It was manufactured from 1942 to 1945. Analogically, the Bussing-NAG type L4500 A was the successor model to the Bussing-NAG type 500 A and was latest type of this lorry series. 


  • New tooling early type truck body & precisely recreated chassis.
  • Accurately reproduced cabin interior & engine bay with engine & radiator.
  • Worm drive system was precisely replicated.
  • Cargo compartment with realistic wood pattern can be built in cargo or personnel carrier versions.
  • Early type rubber-like tyres and spare tyre.
  • 5 kinds of decals for European and North Africa theaters.
  • Precision photo-etched parts are included.
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