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TAMIYA : 37019

1:35 German Heavy Armored Car Sd.Kfz. 234/1 with 2cm Gun - TAMIYA

1:35 German Heavy Armored Car Sd.Kfz. 234/1 with 2cm Gun - TAMIYA

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Among the four variants of the Sd.Kfz. 234/1 8-wheel armored car, the 2cm gun-toting 234/1 was the first designed, ahead of other 5cm and 7.5cm gun models. The flat-panelled armored car was fitted with a 210hp diesel engine that provided a top speed of 80km/h, and a 1,000km range; combined with superior 8-wheel drive traction, the vehicle featured a rear seat position to allow speedy getaways. The 2cm gun was fitted in an open turret with co-axial 7.92mm machine gun, and a maximum elevation of 70 degrees gave the crew a chance of shooting down enemy aircraft. The roughly 230 produced in the last year of WWII from March 1944 saw action in reconnaissance units on all fronts as the conflict moved towards defeat for the Axis forces.


  • Length: 185mm, Width: 66mm.
  • Tamiya is pleased to announce this version of the classic Italeri kit with new and updated parts.
  • Photo-etched parts depict turret mesh cover, anti-aircraft ring sight, jerry can rack parts and more.
  • A wealth of new parts recreate jerry cans and other accessories.
  • Guides have been added to ensure more precise attachment of certain parts.
  • Parts included to recreate motorcycle and rider plus two more realistic figures, and figure accessories.
  • Comes with two marking options.
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