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MENG : TS030

1:35 German Flakpanzer GEPARD A1/A2 - MENG

1:35 German Flakpanzer GEPARD A1/A2 - MENG

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The Flakpanzer Gepard which entered military service in 1973 is a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun developed for large-scale mechanized warfare by West Germany. It is also a very representative Western ground equipment in the Cold War. It’s equipped with two Oerlikon KDA 35mm autocannons which can fire continuously or in a burst mode. This vehicle has a length of 7.76m, a width of 3.28m and a combat weight of 47.5t. When the search radar is unfolded, its height is 4.22m.


  • Length: 207mm Width: 96mm
  • Can be build into Gepard A1 or A2 version
  • Includes three different muzzle brakes and various accessories.
  • Realistic and easy-to-assemble movable suspension and workable tracks are provided.
  • PE parts and mirror film are included to provide better details.

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