1:35 German Artillery Tractor T-70(r) and 7,62cm GUN FK288(r) with Crew - MINIART

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The T-70 was a Soviet light tank from World War II. The German Wehrmacht and Ordnungspolizei used captured T-70s under the designation "T-70 (r)". Most captured T-70s were used by security units of the Wehrmacht and the Ordnungspolizei to fight partisans . Individual T-70s were also used at the front immediately after the capture of infantry divisions and tank units. In order to prevent the T-70s now deployed on the German side from being attacked by their own or allied troops, they were marked with oversized crosses.

The 7.62 cm FK 36(r) and Pak 36(r) were German anti-tank guns used by the Wehrmacht in World War II. The first guns were conversions of the Soviet 76 mm divisional gun M1936 (F-22). Later in the war, the Soviet USV and ZiS-3 76 mm divisional guns were also converted.

Kit includes model of artillery tractor with gun, limber and 5 unpainted figures of German crewmen.