1:35 French Light Tank AMX-13 - TAMIYA

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While designed to be light enough to transport and deploy overseas at short notice, the French AMX-13 light tank was still able to mount a 75mm main gun on a 2-piece oscillating turret, with the lower half acting as a base and providing rotation, and the upper half (complete with gun and autoloader) moving to give elevation. It squeezed a top speed of 60km/h from the 250hp front-mounted gasoline engine. Nearly half of the 7,700 produced between 1952 and 1985 were exported to foreign forces; those that remained in French service typically were deployed in reconnaissance units within armored divisions until they were withdrawn in the late 1980s. 


  • Length: 183mm, width: 72mm.
  • Extensive examination of a real AMX-13 enabled this highly realistic depiction of the external form of the tank and its oscillating turret.
  • The construction of the upper turret section offers intuitive, hassle free construction with a breakdown influenced by that of real tank.
  • Marvel at authentic depictions of the turret canvas cover, plus hull and turret cast metal surfaces.
  • Realistic parts capture jerry cans and other accessories.
  • Belt parts recreate rubber pad type tracks.
  • Commander torso for turret.
  • Two French Army marking options.