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1:35 Flakpanzer I - DRAGON

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Even before WWII broke out, the lightly armed and thinly armored Panzer I tank was considered obsolete. Although the Pz.Kpfw. I didn't have a long combat history, its chassis proved suitable for uses other than those of a tank. One such use was the Flakpanzer I, a self-propelled antiaircraft cannon. It had the advantage of being armored and possessing cross-country mobility. The Sd.Kfz.101 Flakpanzer I was modified from Panzer I Ausf. A tanks by removing the gun turret and installing a single-barreled 2cm FlaK 38 gun. The engine deck and hull were modified as well. Only 24 such Flakpanzer vehicles were produced, and they were subsequently assigned to Fla. Bataillon 614(mot) in May 1941. However, all had met their demise by the end of the Battle of Stalingrad in 1943.


  • New Flakpanzer I with trailer realistically presented
  • New frontal armor slide-molded parts with greater detail
  • Driver's visor can be assembled open or closed
  • Newly tooled instrument panel with crisp detail
  • Trailer with well defined details
  • Newly tooled large storage box can be assembled open or closed
  • Trailer can be portrayed in transport or 'at rest' modes
  • Slide-molded one piece gun barrel with hollow muzzle opening
  • Hole positions and shape of flash suppressor and muzzle brake subtly represented
  • Three types of barrel (standard model, late model and Schwebelafette version) can be assembled
  • New driver's seat and controls designed with intricate detail
  • Cannon can be elevated in different positions
  • 2cm gun shield for Flakpanzer
  • Optional spent shell case frame with photo-etched net and pre-formed photo-etched spent shell case
  • Gun cradel offers great definition of detail-even weld seams are present
  • Gun sight with well defined details
  • Battery case with interior details
  • Case lid with photo-etched parts can be assembled open or closed
  • Highly detailed towing assembly made from separate parts
  • Tool box with lock details made form slide molds
  • Side and rear armor panels can be assembled in transport or combat mode
  • Authentic tread plate pattern on platform
  • Suspension assembly with great detail
  • Photo-etched exhaust cover
  • Lower hull formed from multiple parts for greater detail
  • Fenders with detailed tread pattern
  • Transmission assembly made from multiple slide-molded parts for superb detail
  • Round base plate with authentic details
  • Accurate weld seams on the sides of gun platform
  • Magic Tracks with great detail
  • Floor layout with authentic patterning
  • Engine deck accurately produced
  • Removable transmission inspection cover
  • Engine room front panel with molded details
  • Slide-molded spare barrel case with spare barrel molded inside
  • Road wheels featuring Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. A Modified Version
  • Sprocket and idler reproduced in great detail
  • Tightening hand wheels around the platform base have sharp detail
  • OVM with molded-on clasps
  • Detailed slide-molded ammo boxes
  • Slide-molded ammo clips