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DRAGON : 6568

1:35 Firefly 1c Welded Hull - DRAGON

1:35 Firefly 1c Welded Hull - DRAGON

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With the increasing thickness of German armor, as well as more powerful enemy guns, it became imperative for British tanks to field a more powerful weapon than the standard 75mm armament on the Sherman. The solution was the Firefly. Although originally intended only as a stopgap measure, the Firefly with its 17-pounder gun proved very effective after its introduction in mid-1944. Its first major combat occurred in Normandy after D-Day and it acquitted itself well.


  • Newly tooled turret roof w/clear parts
  • Brand new Firefly 1c with authentic detail
  • New designed engine deck ventilator covers
  • 2-directional slide molds enable one-piece upper hull w/weld seam
  • Turret roof with bomb-thrower port can be optionally assembled
  • Slide-molded gun shield and rotor shield with maximum detail
  • Slide-molded anti-aircraft MG with hollow end
  • Anti-aircraft with pedestal mount on turret roof as bonus
  • Two types of air-filter on the rear hull made by slide mold
  • Tow-bar with hock realistically presented
  • Engine rear doors can be assembled open/closed
  • Applique armor plates on both of upper hull sides
  • Detailed engine deck splash guard
  • Loader's hatch with interior detail
  • One-piece chassis with bolt details
  • Fire extingushers on the hull rear
  • Radio bracket with realistic weld seams
  • Commander's hatch with periscope assembly
  • Slide-molded rear stowage boxes
  • Armored plate welded over MG port
  • Sprocket molded with great detail
  • Layout of the OVM accurately displayed
  • Gun lock can be modeled in travel or combat modes
  • DS T48 tracks with fine detail
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