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1:35 Finnish ltPsv 90 Marksman SPAAG Self Propelled Anti Aircraft Gun - TAKOM

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Marksman is a British short range air defense system developed by Marconi, consisting of a turret, a Marconi Series 400 radar and two Swiss Oerlikon 35 mm anti-aircraft autocannons. It is similar to the German Gepard system in terms of engine performance, ammunition carried and effective range of the ammunition. The turret can be adapted to many basic tank chassis to create a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun. The only known major operator of the system to date is the Finnish Army, which ordered 7 units in 1990. The turrets were fitted on Polish T-55AM tank chassis. The system is known as the ItPsv 90 in Finnish service. It is considered a very accurate anti-aircraft artillery system, having a documented hit percentage of 52.44%.


  • All hatches can be built open or closed
  • Detailed external fuel line included
  • Photo-etched parts included
  • One type of markings