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DRAGON : 6693

1:35 DAK Panzer and Artillery Crew - Libya 1941 - DRAGON

1:35 DAK Panzer and Artillery Crew - Libya 1941 - DRAGON

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During WWII, the North African Campaign saw Allied and Axis momentum swing backwards and forwards across the desert sands of Libya, Tunisia and Egypt. After the heavy defeat of Italian troops, Germany dispatched its newly formed Deutsches Afrikakorps (DAK) to push back Allied forces in Operation Sonnenblume (“Sunflower”). The first expeditionary DAK troops arrived in Libya in February-March 1941, and they were quickly marshaled and sent into action by the legendary General Erwin Rommel. By mid-April he had successfully pushed the British out of Libya, except for the besieged enclave of Tobruk. In 1941, Rommel’s first offensive continued to push Allied units all the way back to the Egyptian border. 


  • Over 50 parts
  • Four figures included.
  • One pair of figures represents panzer crewmen while the remaining duo is part of an artillery crew.
  • The tankers in summer clothing can be matched with any of the DAK tanks.
  • The four German soldiers are sharply molded and their uniforms and personal equipment are accurately depicted.
  • Notably, the artillerymen are warmly wrapped up in greatcoats for the chilly Libyan nights. 
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