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GECKO : 35GM0001

1:35 Cruiser Tank A10 Mk. IA CS - GECKO

1:35 Cruiser Tank A10 Mk. IA CS - GECKO

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The Tank, Cruiser, Mk II (A10), was a cruiser tank developed alongside the A9 cruiser tank, and was intended to be a heavier, infantry tank version of that type. In practice, it was not deemed suitable for the infantry tank role and was classified as a "heavy cruiser". Mk IIA CS (A10 Mk IA CS) - The CS (Close Support) version of the Mark II had a 3.7 in howitzer in the turret instead of the 2-pdr. The standard ammunition load was 40 rounds smoke, and a few HE shells. This weapon was derived from a World War I field howitzer, the QF 3.7-inch mountain howitzer. It was not related to the 3-inch howitzer used in later British tanks in the Second World War, which was itself replaced by a 95 mm (3.7 in) howitzer in the later versions of the Churchill infantry tanks and all CS versions of the Centaur and Cromwell cruiser tanks. British doctrine was that the CS tank was to provide smoke cover in advances or retreats and hence many more smoke rounds were carried than HE.


  • Fighting compartment interior parts included
  • One figure included
  • Photo-etched parts included
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