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1:35 Churchill Mk V 95mm/L23 Howitzer - AFV CLUB

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Churchill Mk V (241 produced) -  A Churchill equipped with a close support Ordnance QF 95 mm howitzer with 47 rounds in place of the main gun in a cast turret. The gun could fire smoke, HE, or HEAT round with a maximum range of 6,800 yd (6,200 m).  Produced from the Mark IV production run at about 1 in 10. The turret was similar to the Marks IV/VI turrets, with a slightly different opening for the gun in the turret front face.


  • New tooling Mk. V turret of cast construction.
  • Realistic suspension system with metal coil springs.
  • Mudguards with same parting structure as the real vehicle.
  • 2 types of rivets for side armour plates included.
  • Clear periscope vision blocks provided.
  • Photo-etched metal parts for super detailing.
  • 95mm metal gun barrel with rifling.