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AFV CLUB : 35342

1:35 Churchill Mk.IV AVRE with SBG bridge - AFV CLUB

1:35 Churchill Mk.IV AVRE with SBG bridge - AFV CLUB

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The Churchill Assault Vehicle Royal Engineers was a Churchill III or IV armed with a spigot mortar demolition weapon which replaced the 6 pounder gun. The effective range of the 230mm high-explosive "flying dustbin" round was only around 80 yards of 230 yard maximum range. Crew was increased to six to accommodate a demolition NCO in addition to driver, commander, gunner, wireless operator, and co-driver/machine gunner. As well as the mortar ammunition it carried "General Wade" 26 lb explosive charge, and "Beehive" charges of up to 75 lbs of explosive. Both types of charge had to be set manually, but could be detonated from the relative safety of the AVRE interior. The AVRE could be fitted to carry different combat engineering equipment.

The Small Box Girder bridge (SBG) was a small assault bridge that could be used to span gaps of up to 30 feet. It was typically carried on a tank, such as the Churchill Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers (AVRE), and could be deployed without engineers having to expose themselves to enemy fire. The design had been formally adopted by the British Army in 1932. The SBG was used during the Normandy invasion of World War II.


  • All new tooling SBG Assault Bridge and steel girder winch gear box
  • Faithful replicate SBG Assault Bridge with realistic detail.
  • Cable drawn SBG Assault bridge with moveable function.
  • Includes complete wadding exhaust ports and air filtration System.
  • Includes 5 markings for ABG Assault Bridge Units.
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