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1:35 Chinese 120mm Type 89 Anti-tank gun - TRUMPETER

1:35 Chinese 120mm Type 89 Anti-tank gun - TRUMPETER

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This self-propelled antitank gun was first fielded in China in small numbers in the late 1980s. The chassis is the same as that of the Type 83 152mm self-propelled gun-howitzer. The M-1989 has a driver’s compartment at the front left and the engine compartment on the front right. The turret is mounted on the rear of the vehicle, with a door on the rear of the vehicle for crew entry. The 120mm gun is fitted with a thermal sleeve and fume extractor. The commander has a cupola on the right side of the turret with a machinegun mount. There are stowage baskets on either side of the turret rear. The ammunition is of Chinese make, but similar to the NATO 120mm ammunition, but no APFSDSDU ammunition is made in China for this weapon. The gun can fire NATO ammunition, however, including APFSDSDU rounds. There are four smoke grenade launchers on each side of the turret.


  • Length: 231mm, Width: 96mm
  • Over 330 parts
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