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AFV CLUB : 35395

1:35 Centurion MK.5 AVRE - AFV CLUB

1:35 Centurion MK.5 AVRE - AFV CLUB

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During Operation Desert Storm in 1991, 12 FV4003 Centurion Mk5 AVREs were deployed with 32 Armoured Engineer Regiment as part of British operations during the campaign. Three were lost in training in two separate incidents involving vehicle fires and detonation of munitions. One AVRE was destroyed on 5 February 1991 and two were destroyed in a second incident the next day. Four minor injuries were sustained. No AVRES saw action during the operation.


  • All new molded Centurion AVRE special parts.
  • All new rubber like Hush-Puppy Tracks.
  • Injection molded gun mantlet cover.
  • Modified L9A1 with positional gun breech block.
  • New tooling High Explosive Squash Head (HESH) demolition projectile.
  • Photoetched detail parts.
  • Turn metal 165mm gun barrel.
  • Decals for 4 different vehicles included.
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