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1:35 Canadian LEOPARD C2 MEXAS with Dozer Blade MBT - MENG

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Canada started to upgrade their Leopard C1 tanks to the Leopard C2 standard since the year 2000. The main upgrade was to fit the Leopard 1A5 turrets bought from the German Federal Ministry of Defence on the original Leopard C1 chassis. Other improvements included the installation of a thermal imager and the EMES 18 fire-control system. In 2006, the upgraded Leopard C2 tanks which were equipped with the MEXAS applique modular armor system joined the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan. The concept of this armor system was quite advanced when it appeared in the 1990s. Its composite armor can protect against kinetic energy and chemical energy penetrators.


  • Kit contains a total of 500 parts.
  • The finished model will be 270.2mm long and 86.5mm width.
  • Kit includes movable suspension, one-piece TPE tracks, clear light, periscope parts and fine PE parts.
  • The dozer blade is liftable and lowerable.
  • Details under add-on armor are completely replicated.