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DRAGON : 6231

1:35 British Sherman Mk. III - Mid Production Sicily - DRAGON

1:35 British Sherman Mk. III - Mid Production Sicily - DRAGON

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The industrial might of the USA guaranteed production of thousands of M4 Sherman tanks, with many being given to Allies under the Lend-Lease Act. Great Britain was one major recipient of Shermans (17,184 vehicles in total). The British operated more than 5000 of these diesel-powered Sherman III tanks with 75mm guns during WWII. Many of these Shermans participated in Operation Husky, the large-scale Allied amphibious invasion of Sicily that commenced on July 9, 1943. This operation involved 160,000 Allied soldiers fighting against 300,000 Italians and 40,000 Germans. Combat lasted around six weeks, and once the large island had been captured, it offered a useful stepping stone for the invasion of Italy itself.


  • Aluminium barrel included
  • Rifling accurately rendered inside gun barrel
  • Four Commonwealth Infantry (Italy 1943) included
  • Realistic 3D printed Thompson submachine gun
  • One-piece WE210 "Double I" block track reproduced by slide mould
  • New Injection materials for easy weathering
  • Sand shields exquisitely recreated with photo-etched parts
  • Casting numbers on transmission cover finely reproduced
  • One-piece round transmission cover newly tooled in delicate detail
  • Casting marks realistically rendered on transmission cover
  • Early 75mm turret based on actual army schematics
  • Bolted connecting plate for gun shield attachment looks completely integral after assembly
  • Realistic weld seams on Sherman hull
  • Hull details such as varying plate thickness and uneven cut in splash guard accurately portrayed
  • New 24-bar engine-deck grill newly tooled to accurately depict real one
  • Separate engine-deck panel and grills
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