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MENG : SS012

1:35 British MASTIFF 2 6x6 Wheeled Protected Patrol Vehicle - MENG

1:35 British MASTIFF 2 6x6 Wheeled Protected Patrol Vehicle - MENG

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In 2006, the UK started purchasing the first batch of Mastiff MRAP vehicles based on the Cougar MRAP vehicle for the operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Mastiff has improved protection and self-defence capabilities. Its hull is fully protected by slat armor and windows have double-layer bulletproof glass which offers good visibility. The Mastiff 2 has interior spall liners, blast attenuating seats, stronger axles, upgraded suspension, run-flat tires and explosion-proof fuel tank. In July 2020, with the gradual withdrawal of Western troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, the UK announced that a number of armored vehicles, incl. the Mastiff 2, would be retired from active duty. In April 2022, the UK announced that it would provide Ukraine with about 80 armored vehicles, including the Mastiff 2.


  • One-piece slat armour parts are precisely replicated
  • The troops compartment futures precision interiors
  • The rotatable roof-mounted weapon station is accurately reproduced
  • Two layer of clear parts are used to replicate the thick bulletproof glass
  • The window parts are light green as on real vehicle
  • Seats and the soft roof of the troop compartment are designed by digital sculpting
  • All doors can be built in the open or closed position
  • Clear light and the optical parts are included
  • Realistic and easy to assemble vinyl seat safety belts are included
  • Tires made of quality vinyl material feature fine tread patterns and odour-free
  • Photo etched parts included
  • Two paint schemes are provided
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