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TAKOM : 2028

1:35 British Main Battle Tank Chieftain Mk.10 - TAKOM

1:35 British Main Battle Tank Chieftain Mk.10 - TAKOM

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Chieftain Mk.10 is the Chieftain Mk.7 after completing all phases of "Totem Pole". Later upgraded with addition of Stillbrew Crew Protection Package which added additional armour to the turret front and turret ring to increase turret frontal protection against HEAT rounds, specifically, the improved variants of the Soviet-made RPG-7, etc., and consisted of conventional steel armour mounted on rubber pads to prevent vibration, 1984–86


  • Over 690 parts
  • Photo etched parts included
  • Markings are available for 4 individual vehicles including versions serving in A Squadron, 1RTR BATUS 1991, C Squadron, 14/20 Kings Royal Hussars Berlin 1988-91, a tank waiting on Warcop range used as a hard target, and a fictional Zombie tank.
  • Features include a main gun that can be elevated or depressed, optional opened/closed gun sight and  infrared light, and all crew hatches and the gun travel lock are workable
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