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AFV CLUB : 35176

1:35 British Infantry Tank Churchill Mk. III DIEPPE Raid - AFV CLUB

1:35 British Infantry Tank Churchill Mk. III DIEPPE Raid - AFV CLUB

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The Churchill first saw combat on 19 August 1942, in the Dieppe Raid in France. The Dieppe raid was planned to temporarily take control of the French port of Dieppe using a strong force of about 6,000 troops – mostly drawn from inexperienced Canadian units. The operation, codenamed Jubilee, would test the feasibility of opposed landings. Nearly 60 Churchill tanks from the 14th Army Tank Regiment (The Calgary Regiment (Tank)) were allocated to support the infantry and commandos; they would be put ashore by Landing Craft Tank vessels, along with the supporting engineers. Some problems were anticipated and allowed for: waterproofing of the hulls, canvas carpets ("Bobbin") to aid the tanks crossing the short stretch of shingle beach, engineer teams to demolish road blocks and a few of the tanks were fitted with flame-throwers. The tanks, a mix of Mark I with hull howitzers, Mark II (three with flamethrowers) and Mark III (some with Bobbin), were expected to enter the town and reach a nearby airfield before retiring back to the beach to be taken off by the LCTs. Half of the tank force would be held in reserve offshore.


  • Deep wading air intake and exhaust with quick release cable system
  • Metal gun barrel with riffling
  • Realistic suspension system with metal coil springs
  • Mudguards with same parting structure as the real vehicle
  • Three types of rivets for side armour plates included
  • Clear periscope vision blocks provided
  • Photo etched parts included
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