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MENG : TS002

1:35 British Heavy Assault Tank A39 Tortoise - MENG

1:35 British Heavy Assault Tank A39 Tortoise - MENG

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In late WWII, UK developed a huge monster as heavy as 79 tons the British A39 Tortoise Heavy Assault Tank to strike German solid fortifications. It was designed with a fixed fighting compartment and extremely thick armor. The heavy hull was supported by a torsion bar suspension system. Its incredibly powerful 94mm Gun could fire at any ground target. The Tank had an additional fully rotatable turret to strengthen firepower, while a 7.92mm MG in the front was used to shoot infantrymen. As the tank was still in its trail stage when the project was terminated following the end of war, there were only 6 vehicles produced.


  • Length:  293mm, Width 111mm
  • Perfect reproduction of the huge and heavy hull
  • Easy assembling big fighting compartment molded in one piece with perfect reproduction of surface casting texture and welding seams
  • The 94mm long barrel gun can turn like in the real tank and the solid gun mantlet is accurately reproduced.
  • The travel lock can lock the gun like a real one.
  • The MG in the front ball mount can rotate freely.
  • All hatches can be assembled open or closed.
  • Complicated wheels and staggered torsion bar suspension system are perfectly modeled.
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