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TAMIYA : 35100

1:35 British Churchill Crocodile - TAMIYA

1:35 British Churchill Crocodile - TAMIYA

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Churchill Crocodile - was the only British tank in WWII which was equipped with flamethrower capabilities; the Churchill Mk. VII infantry tank was fitted with a nozzle in place of the front machine gun. An armored trailer provided fuel and compressed gas. Around 800 were manufactured during the war, and found use not only with British forces but also in support of U.S. troops, which did not possess such a flamethrower tank.


  • Length with trailer attached: 340mm.
  • The powerful form of the vehicle is accurately depicted.
  • Model can also be assembled as a Churchill Mk. VII infantry tank.
  • Tank-trailer joint offers both vertical and horizontal movement.
  • Choose whether to depict trailer maintenance hatch in open or closed position. Open position allows inspection of recreated canisters and valves.
  • Includes Two realistic figures.
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