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MINIART : 39001

1:35 British B-TYPE Military Omnibus - MINIART

1:35 British B-TYPE Military Omnibus - MINIART

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A total of 900 of the buses were used to move troops behind the lines during World War I. After initially serving without any modifications and in their red-and-white livery, they were painted khaki. It was soon found that the glass windows on the lower deck were prone to breakage, mostly from contact with the men's rifles and packs. The glass was therefore removed and replaced by planks nailed to the sides of the vehicle. The B-Type could carry 24 fully equipped infantrymen and their kit. They served until the end of the war when they were used to bring troops home.


  • Highly detailed model kit.
  • Accurate engine.
  • Clear parts included.
  • Photo-etched parts included.
  • Decal sheet for five variants.
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