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1:35 British Army HUSKY TSV Tactical Support Vehicle - MENG

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The vehicle was derived from the heavy pickup trucks of the U.S. company Navistar. Compared to normal wheeled vehicles, it has much better cross-country capability, armour and anti-mine protection. Thanks to its light weight, it has stronger strategical and tactical maneuverability than normal military wheeled vehicle. The vehicle can be easily airlifted by light transport aircraft or heavy helicopter. It can also travel in the field which lucks bridges or roads.


  • Length: 183mm, Width: 81mm, Height: 85mm
  • Over 320 parts.
  • Perfectly reproduced crew compartment interiors.
  • Doors can be built open or closed.
  • The roof weapon station is rotatable.
  • Front wheels are steerable.
  • Clear glass parts and PE parts included.