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ITALERI : 6591

1:35 Autoblinda AB 41 with Bersaglieri - El Alamein - ITALERI

1:35 Autoblinda AB 41 with Bersaglieri - El Alamein - ITALERI

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The AB series of armored cars were developed by Fiat-Ansaldo and used by the reconnaissance units of the Italian “Regio Esercito”. Following the introduction of the first version, the AB-40, the AB-41 was built which featured a more powerful engine and was armed with the 20 mm Breda 20/65 gun. Additionally, its 8 mm Breda Mod. 38 coaxial machine gun was fitted into the turret. From a technical perspective the AB 41 armored car was four-wheel drive with two driving seats, one front and one rear. Its speed of 70 km / h and its reliability both on and off-road, made it valued by crews during routine and also advanced reconnaissance missions. Vehicle protection was afforded by riveted plate armor. The AB-41 was deployed extensively by the Regio Esercito on the North African front, and indeed on all the main fronts of the Second World War, it was also used post 1943 by both Italian and German units.


  • Contains 6 figure
  • Rubber tyres
  • Decals for 3 versions
  • Color instruction sheet
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