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MENG : QS005

1:35 AH-64D SARAF Heavy Attack Helicopter - Israeli Air Force - MENG

1:35 AH-64D SARAF Heavy Attack Helicopter - Israeli Air Force - MENG

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The AH-64D Saraf Heavy Attack Helicopter is the Apache variant produced by the Israeli Air Force from the United States. The Israeli forces have high hopes for the AD-64D and name is "Saraf", a winged flying serpent that can spew flames and venom. The helicopter's AGM-114 anti-tank missiles has long been one of the Israeli Force's most precious support weapons. To meet the demand of actual combat, the Israeli Air Force has upgraded the Saraf with the Spike air-to-surface missile which has a range of up to 25km and 70mm laser-guided rockets. This not only significantly enhanced its ground target strike range but also provided the capability to destroy aerial drones. As one of the most effective aerial strike platforms of the Israeli forces, the AH-64D Saraf Heavy Attack helicopter has consistently been at the forefront of the combat operations.


  • Length: 504mm; Width: 425mm Height: 157mm;
  • Engraved panel lines and raised rivets
  • Main roto blades can be built in unfolded position or IAF-specific dismantled state
  • Avionics components accurately reproduced
  • Cockpit and interior components accurately reproduced
  • Nose-mounted electro-optical equipment can pitch and rotate
  • Agm-114 anti-tank missile include
  • Spike air-to-surface missile included
  • Photo-etched parts included
  • Desert camouflage painting scheme
  • Pre-cut painting masks include
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