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TAMIYA : 35380

1:35 A34 Comet British Cruiser Tank - TAMIYA

1:35 A34 Comet British Cruiser Tank - TAMIYA

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While German forces had dangerous Tigers and Panthers prowling the battlefield, by the end of the conflict the British were fielding a capable answer: the Comet. With a hull based upon that of the Cromwell and a new, larger turret accommodating the Q.F. 77mm gun, it was a formidable proposition indeed. Comets took part in the March 1945 Allied crossing of the Rhine, providing vital infantry support fire; crews are said to have been happy with the balance of firepower, survivability and mobility it provided.


  • Length: 219mm, width: 88mm.
  • Extensive study of full-size Comets underpins this accurate rendering of the boxy hull with larger turret and 77mm gun.
  • Cast metal armor surfaces on the hull and turret front are realistically depicted, as is the shape of the canvas gun shield cover.
  • Assembly type tracks employ one piece straight sections.
  • Choose between connected and separated "Normandy cowling" designs for the rear.
  • A clear part is used to recreate searchlight lens.
  • Comes with two crew torso figures in winter gear, with two vehicle marking options also included in the kit.
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