1:35 German Beobachtungswagen SD KFZ 135 NORMANDY 1944 from RPM

1:35 German Beobachtungswagen SD KFZ 135 NORMANDY 1944 from RPM

Wehrmacht reconnaissance vehicle based on a captured French Lorraine 3&L tracked carrier chassis. The Lorraine 37L was a light tracked armoured vehicle developed by the Lorraine company during the Interwar period or Interbellum, before the Second World War, to an April 1936 French Army requirement for a fully armoured munition and fuel supply carrier to be used by tank units for front line resupply. After the defeat of France, clandestine manufacture was continued in Vichy France, culminating in a small AFV production after the liberation and bringing the total production to about 630 in 1945. Germany used captured vehicles in their original role of carrier and later, finding the suspension system to be particularly reliable, rebuilt many into tank destroyers (Panzerjaeger) of the Marder I type or into self-propelled artillery.

Kit has raised and engraved surface features, fully rendered suspension and bogies, supplemental gearbox glacis, vinyl track lengths, separately molded on-vehicle equipment and tools, periscope binoculars, superstructure antennae bases and observation compartment with radio sets. Decals and color painting guide for German vehicles: II/155 Pz.Art.Rgt, 21.Pz.Div in Normandy, 1944 and III/155 Pz.Art.Rgt, 21.Pz.Div, France, 1944.

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